Kangen water: The best type of water you need.

The body needs about eight glasses of water daily to function optimally. Some people ask why the body needs that amount of water. Well, it is because seventy-five percent of the body mass is water, and it needs to stay that way. Getting water is easy, but getting clean and healthy water is a different ball game. We can get water from the taps, streams, rivers, springs, dams, reservoirs, rain, etc. However, the question a health-conscious individual should ask himself or herself is, are these water sources reliable?

Take, tap water for example. It is easily accessible and probably the most popular source of water. However, it is full of toxins and chemicals that are harmful to health. Water that contains toxins and chemicals is surely not safe for consumption. Some may argue that the tap water may have been treated and therefore is safe for consumption. These chemicals, like chlorine that is mainly used to purify and treat water, may come with some side effects like sore throat, cough, chest tightness, skin and eye irritations, and other health problems. Also, some of the channels that transfer this water from the sources to your homes and offices may be made from metal. These metals may undergo rusting after some time, and the rust definitely mixes with the water. By the time it gets to where it is to be used, it has become contaminated with toxins and chemicals that are harmful to the health.

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Some would say, what about bottled water? No doubt, bottled water is way cleaner and safer than tap water. However, it contains a lot of additives and chemicals that may have been used to purify it. You may need to avoid bottled water for these major reasons:

  • The water may have been bottled under unhealthy conditions. There may also be poor bottling practices carried out by the company.
  • The bottles that the water is stored in may be made from chemicals and products with high levels of acidity. If you are an eco-friendly enthusiast, you will agree with me that the bottles are also a source of environmental pollution.

Now, what if there is a type of water that saves you all these troubles? What if there is a type of water that balances your acidity levels, provides you with clean water that guarantees you a healthier, cleaner, and longer life?

Yes, there is a type of water with these general benefits listed below:

  • Eliminate the levels of toxins and chemicals that can be found in your home.
  • Reduce the number of plastic products you use, saving you and the environment from pollution.
  • Reduce your carbon footprints, making the world a greener place.
  • Help you become more eco-friendly and lead a greener life.

Well, K8 is a ground-breaking piece of technology that has the ability to filter your tap water through the process of electrolysis. Tap water goes in and out comes oxygenated and toxic-free water. What consumers love most is the fact that this “simple” process happens at the push of a button. Now, do you want to know the process?

First, the tap water goes through a decontamination filter. All chemicals that are present in the water are neutralized. After contamination, it goes through eight electrically charged platinum titanium plates. The water that comes out of this process is alkaline and, therefore, rich in antioxidants. Antioxidants are simply molecules that help the body prevent oxidation. So, why do we need antioxidants? It is because excessive oxidation in the body can lead to quick aging and illnesses.

Instruments called ORP meters are used to measure the accuracy with which liquids reduce oxidation. High ratings mean that the liquids are more oxidizing, while lower ratings mean that they have good anti-oxidizing properties.

  • Bottled water has an ORP rating of 350
  • Sports drinks, beverages, and vitamins have an ORP of 400
  • Sodas and Sprites have an average ORP of 436
  • Dark and Diet sodas have an average ORP of 500.

However, the water produced by a K8 or Kangen machine can give values of -500. A positive and healthy life means you need to reduce the level of oxidation in your body. To do that, you may need to consume substances with high anti-oxidizing properties. The body is mostly made up of water, so the best way to achieve anti-oxidizing is to consume alkaline water.

Now, for the pH levels, bottled water has pH ranges of between 4 – 6, sports drinks, sprites, and soda have pH ranges of 3 – 4, while Kangen water has a pH range of about 8.5 – 9.5. This may look high, but it is normal because it allows you to control the processes of detoxification, neutralization, and acidity levels.

Fun fact: It could take up to thirty-two bottles of Kangen water to neutralize the acidity of one bottle of soda?

So, Kangen water helps slow down inflammation, oxidation, and aging. The relevant authorities and bodies have certified Kangen water, and the K8 machine is now regarded as a medical device because it saves lives too.

 The Kangen or K8 machine is very compatible and small, but it can also produce seven different types of water to suit your different needs.

There is the clean water with a pH of 7, the beauty water with a pH of 6, the strong acidic water with a pH of 2.5, the strong alkaline water with a pH of 11.5, amongst others.

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